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The new SlimJim pouch is lighter and more slimeline in design. Made from ltalian belt leather and moulded to make the perfect fit for your multitool . Your tools wont rattle as all sheaths are made for a snug fit so please select the correct pouch or selectAll our multitol pouches are made from 3.5mm thick ltalian belt leather. Each pouch has solid brass studs to secure all major stress points. The pouch is hand sewn with waxed saddlers thread. The whole process takes 3 days to mould ,dry and polish.To finish the pouch we add a wax seal for added protection.

Select your multitiool

l have listed a few of the most popular models. Please select CUSTOM POUCH if yours is not listed and leave a message with tool details.

Please note that the tools are not included in the sale.

4 colours available





Belt Loops

Your choice of 2 belt loops.Please note that the verticle pouches and low rider will fit a 2"work belt. 


Personalised embossing $10 (no more than 3 letters)

Gift Box

Included in your gift box is a 20g jar of our "born Again' leather cream which has is made from an old school recipe of natural edible fats and oils and a shammy cloth to polish your pouch. Using this leathercream before the leather dries out will extend the life of your pouch for many years to come.

Gift boxes for multitools are $8

The SlimJim multitiool pouch

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