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The Patroller  for the leatherman Charge Surge Wave multitools 2 bitkits , extender bar and the ledlenser P5R core torch with rechargable batteries. This pouch will also suit other medium torches that approximately measure 2cm diameter and no more than 13cm in length. For larger torches please select the Night Patrol. lf you have a torch other than the ledlenser P5r or one of the 3 multitools listed please leave the details when purchasing.

The Patroller

  • As pleasing on the pocket as it is to the eye the P5R is equipped with an energy-efficient LED and an eco-friendly rechargeable L-ion battery plus (rapid) Advanced Focus System optics and Smart Light Technology. Engineered with the finest industrial components, including an aircraft-grade aluminium housing and gold-plated battery contacts, this is a torch that. will last and perform to the highest standard for many years.. It comes with a mains/USB Floating Charge System for wall-mounted or on-the-go charging. It allows the entire. torch to be put in the magnetic charge housing, upon which it will appear to float as the battery life is replenished.


    • Performance optimized -Up to 240 meters beam distance with up to 420 lumen of luminous flux
    • Long operating time -Up to 15 hours in the lowest setting
    • Very convenient charging - Quickly to hand with the Floating Charge System
    • Small, Compact yet powerful
    • Rapid, one hand focusing with long range or flawless floodlight
    • CREE LED - 420 Lumens
    • Pocket Sized LED searchlight
    • 7 year warranty with registration
    • Aircraft-grade aluminium housing and gold-plated battery contacts



    • Brand: Ledlenser
    • Model Number: 500897
    • Colour: Black
    • Item Weight: 77.1 g
    • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
    • Material: aluminium
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