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The slimline moto pouch is simple in design which makes it a comfortablempocket pouch for your smoking pleasure.. The leather l have chosen is a black motor cycle  leather used for vests and jackets. Not only does this leather offer the best protection for bikers when worn as a vest, it is also very soft and flexible which makes it comfortable to wear. 

These pouches measure 17cm x 9cm when closed.

Pockets includes  1 for - tobacco 50gm packets

                                               - a slot for papers

                                              - lighter pocket optional

personalised embossing A MAXIMUM of 10 letters 

This is all that can fit in the provided space so please dont order 11 letters and think its okay.

It wont fit.

Gift box with sample leather cream and sponge.

Slimline MOTO Tobacco pouch

Colour Stitching
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