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The Deadskin Patrol ll has been designed to house your leatherman Wave or charge multitool as well as the 2 set of bit kits, the leatherman bit extender bar and a mini flashlight . The Patrol ll is ideal for the smaller multitools that such as the 

Leatherman Charge


Leatherman Wave 

lf you have a different multitool please contact me before purchasing to disguss your custom order.

This listing includes a  leather pouch with the option to add a torch to your purchase. 


Options:                   1. No torch , l have my own

                                    2.  Led cree mini flashlight                 $8

                                    3. Led lenser P3                                      $28

                                    4. Led lenser P3R rechargeable.     $95                                  

This pouch differs from the Patrol for the leatherman Surge/OHTwhich are larger, as the tool is on top of the bit kit pocket. This design is more suitable for smaller multitools. It does NOT include the Victorinox, Gerber or Leatherman tools 

4 colour choices

avana black

avana brown

avana saddle tan

avana tan

Add some leathercream to your order to help protect your pouch from wear and extend its life.


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