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The Overnighter is a simple design making it a light weight leather bag. This also makes it suitable for onboard airline luggage as it measures 55cm x 40cm x 15cm.

The multicoloured bag has been made from a collection of my favourite leathers , all hand sewn and a unique peice.

The interior lining is "Animal Reign Wolves End of Summer "and  is designed by Four Seasons for David Textiles, this fabric is 100% cotton.

The interior includes 2 pockets. 1 large pocket measuring 30cm x 25cm and the other 15cm x 15cm.

After years of use the leather will develop a beautiful patina and at about this time the interior will look a bit worn and could need replacing. For this reason l have designed these bags so that there is no need to take the bag apart or remove the zipper when replacing the lining. lt can be easily cut out or unstitched and replaced with a new interior.

Multicoloured Overnighter

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