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The flaming Orange hand dyed kangaroo leather wallets has 2 design options. The 4 cards wallet has a pocket for cash, 2 hidden pockets behind the cards and 4 cards slots with room for more cards.

The photo wallet is the same but has 2 card pockets and a pocket for your photo ID, Myki card or drivers licence.

ADD a  your gift box with our specially formulated leather cream and sponge applicator

ADD personalised embossing  initials only

Flaming Orange Pocket wallet

  • In addition to being the lightest leather available, kangaroo leather is also hailed for being the strongest due to its unique fibre structure which has next to zero fat content. In fact, kangaroo leather is known for being 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and 50% stronger than goatskin.


     This  means that small leather luxury goods created from it offer ultimate durability.  The unique fiber structure is what  makes kangaroo hide incredibly strong and this means that small leather luxury goods created from it offer ultimate durability and a product that will last.


    Due to kangaroo leather being naturally thin with extreme strength, there’s no need for heavy splitting and shaving which is a common practice used for other raw materials. As a result, all of the natural markings are left on the leather for an absolutely show-stopping, dapper and raw style that you simply can’t get from anything else.


    Put all of that together and it’s no surprise that kangaroo leather is known for its one-of-a-kind fiber structure. While other hides often contain fibers in a weaving pattern, kangaroo fibers have a unique orientation of fiber bundles that run parallel to the skin surface. It’s unlike anything out there available on the market, offering lightweight, breathable accessories that are equally stylish, strong and durable. 


    We are so confindent in the quality of this product we offer a 5 year warranty on all of our kangaroo wallets.

    Please use the specially formulated leather cream we have provided if you purchase the gift box or choose from the 25g  50g or 250g tubs and over time your wallet will age beautifully. 

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