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lt has been over a year since l finally kicked the habit. My only regret was having no use for my much loved tobacco pouch of 20 years. l finally gifted it to a close friend but it got me thinking about what other uses it could have had with a few minor adjustments.

The smokers wallet is designed to use as a wallet or a tobacco pouch, so if you're still contemplating giving up but haven't take the plunge this wallet is for you.

Also included is the new easy slide zippers. They do add a significant cost to the pouch but the quality is worth it especially if you have nails.

Made from A grade Australian kangaroo skins. Because of the nature  of the kangaroo, A grade skins are hard to find as most hides have heavy scaring and scratches. We have also used easy slide RiRi zippers which have added a significant cost to the product but well worth it especially if you have nice nails.

Measurements 17cm x 9.5cm

Woodstain Roo smokers wallet

$185.00 Regular Price
$111.00Sale Price
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