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  • Leatherman multitool sheath custom made  for the Leatherman 
  • SURGE 300 
  • WAVE
  • and 24 bit kit plus extender
  • measurements Tool 11.5cm
  • pouch 13cm x 13cm x 3cm
  • solid brass studs and press stud
  • will fit 2" work belt
  • Multitool and bit kit extender NOT included


Ebay Reviews for the Terminator


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by cr53120302 Oct, 2017

Excellent and Better Alternative to the Leatherman Sheaths

The Deadskin Leatherman sheath is an excellent alternative for the Leatherman Surge and its accessories! The quality of the leather, construction, and design is far more appropriate for a tool such as the Leatherman Surge. The tool stores in one pocket, the accessories in another, and the bit extender in, yet, another. The two pockets---tool and accessories---have flaps that very securely snap to the pockets and reach a little beyond the pockets to protect the bit extender. The separation of the tool and its accessories into separate pockets is a major improvement over the premium sheath by Leatherman. This separation makes handling the tool or its accessories easy and without the concern of losing an accessory as was often my worry with the Leatherman premium sheath. My recommendation is not to wait for the Leatherman provided sheath to fail you and immediately replace it with the Deadskin sheath. You certainly will not be dissatisfied.

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: deadskin-handmade


    by octaveous45113 Jul, 2017

    Awesome craftsmanship

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: deadskin-handmade





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