Pathfinder leather sheath for leatherman multitools
Available in 4 colours


Saddle Tan


Suitable for leatherman


25g jar of leather cream included
MULTITOOL NOT INCLUDED IN PURCHASESheaths are made from 3mm hide, solid brass studs are used to reinforce main stress areas. All sheaths have been hand sewn with waxed saddlers thread.Each pouch has been wax sealed for protection.To purchase please select multitool - colour and belt loop options


Tool Measurement guide - Please note that these are the measurements for the tools, not the pouch


MULTITOOL                                 length             width            depth


Surge 300 or supertool          11.5cm.           4.0cm           2.0cm

OHT                                                11.7cm            4.8cm           2.3cm

Charge                                          10.5cm            3.8cm           2.3cm

Wave                                              10.2cm            2.8cm           1.8cm

Rev                                                 10.0cm            3.5cm           1.8cm    

Wingman                                       9.8cm            3.5cm           1.8cm

Skeletool                                      10.8cm            3.3cm          1.6cm

Victorinox                                    10.7cm             3.5cm          1.5cm

Gerber suspension                    9.8cm            4.5cm           2.2cm

Gerber truss                              10.8cm             4.5cm           2.2cm



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