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The French form of the Latinized German name Gervasius, Gervais takes on the meaning of “spear.” Name gervais because of the spear shaped cut of the belt. Made from our ltalian leather that is used for all our multitool pouches so you can get get a belt to match your pouch. This belt is a stylish casual jean belt .The buckle is  solid nickel dycast  lf you would like something more sturdier we have other leathers available.


Because these belts are made from the shoulder, the hide being a double shoulder l am restricted on length so these belts are for those with a waist measurement between 30" - 46".  For larger sizes l have the English briddle leather belts that can be made to any size.

Add a gift box which contains a 20g jar of our leather cream for $8

The Gervais belt

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