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There are 2 colour options . Ox blood and Black

3 buckle options

: the nickel roller buckle which also includes  a matching keeper.

: the 40mm Matt silver buckle

: option 3 is for those that have a Harley style buckle . Belt will be shortened 2" to allow for the buckle

When leaving your measurements for the belt please use your current belt HOLE to measure.  This is a mandatory field and has to be answered to purchase. lf you are getting the belt made to suit a Harley buckle or same type of buckle please give exact waist measurements . Dont allow for the extra 2"  .

l will do the math.

PLEASE NOTE that the HARLEY buckle option is for the design of belt. The buckle pictured is not included in the sale.

lf you would like to add a gift box  $7 includes 25g jar of leather cream

Heavy metal studded belt

Colour Leather
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