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The  every day traveler is suitable for small multitools with measuresments

no more than  :     L- 9cm  H -2.5cm  W - 1.5cm.

Please leave the details of all tools/items to be carried in the EDC so we can adapt the pouch so they all fit. The purchase includes  1 x note pad

                                     1 x Cree mini flshlight with battery

                                     1 x 25 gram sample jar leather cream

                                     1 x EDC pouch

You can also add an upgrade and get the Ledlenser P3  + $25

Personalised embossing            2 lnitials  + $8      3-4 letters + $10  ( max 4 letters)

lf you would like bone stitching please send a message.

The brass belt clip and belt loop is not included but  can be purchased in a seperate listing.




EDC -Traveler

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