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About our Leather Cream

Over the years , 25 to be exact, l have tried various different leather creams oils and soaps. Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult to buy so l have created my own.

Its not that hard but what makes it special is adding your own specifics to suit the purpose. The formula l have used has a special blend of natural animal fats, almond oil castor oil, cocoa butter and bees wax.

lt is far superior to anything l have ever used. The natural fats soak into the leather making it soft and subtle again. The oils leave a nice shine and the wax seals the leather with a protective layer that repels water.

Directions for use

Use a sponge and apply cream to both the inner and outer surfaces.

Let dry for 15 mins then reapply the cream. After lightly buff with a dry cloth to bring out the shine.

Applying this cream in the early days will extend the life of your leather.

Use our specially formulated leather cream to restore and protect your much loved leather multi tool pouch, tote, wallet, belt , log book cover or purse

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