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l have found that the roo leather is best for this new product , the tradies note pad cover with paper made from stone. Please read the additional information for details.

The roo leather makes the notepad less bulky while not skimping on durability and strength. This leather will develop a beautiful patina with age and will last for many years to come especially if you add a gift box with our specially formulated leather cream.

The Zebra pens are from Japan and are extendable. They are the perfect size for these note pads . Refills can be purchased online for these pens.

Available in 2 colours Brandy and Ebony with  black thread. 

Pricing for add ons. 

Tradies note pad  $6

Embossing  $12

Zebra Pen   $15

Gift box  $5

lf you would like the complete package , all add ons included please use this link for a discount  

Tradies Note Pad cover Roo

  • This nu: Tradie Waterproof Reporters Book is a great way to work effectively in the outdoors. This notebook has a durable hard cover that is water, oil and tear-resistant. The paper is made from stone and is tough so you can write without worrying about bleed through to the next page.

    • There are 160 pages in this notebook so you will have enough space for your workings.
    • This notebook measures 203 x 129 x 10 mm so you can easily carry it in your pocket.
    • The tough pages are made from stone making them durable.
    • The hard cover is water, tear and oil resistant which means you can confidently use it outside.
    • The pages are ruled so you can keep your writing neat and consistent.
    • The pages are perforated for easy tearing when you need to take your notes on the go.
    • The pages are held together with a strong double wired spiral to keep your pages in place.
    • The cover is black with a safety tape border design.
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