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The new Terminator. Just love this new design . l have made a few modifications since the last post . lt always pays to play with your tools when designing a new piece . One issue was the placement of the stud closures so l have moved them to the centre of the pouch which has made it easier to close. The second issue was getting the multi-tool out with ease when the pouch is such a snug fit . To fix this l have added a leather tongue that sits in the pouch and eases the tool out when pulled. This model also includes a pocket for the new leatherman ratchet and plenty of room for some extra blades and saws for your leatherman. l have moved the mini torch to the centre and the extender bar and ratchet either side. Overall its a tidy little compact package that can be worn or put in the glove box of the car .

The Terminator ll

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