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The Springfield swivel clip allows you to easily remove the pouch without having to remove your belt. You simply slide the pouch onto the belt clip and turn it to lock it in. Because the pouch can turn from side to side l have installed a stud attachment to secure your pouch when worn. Now  your pouch isn,t going anywear . You're welcome. l have also doubled up on the leather for extra support for the swivel clip. 

This item can be added to the following pouches

The Heavy Duty pouches

The SlimJim

The Pathfinder

The Essential

The Patrol

The Happy Camper

The SES Raptor

Please dont purchase for any of the other pouches because they are not suitable and too wide .

DO NOT PURCHASE AS A SINGLE ITEM. These clips are to only be purchased when ordering a leather pouch , thank you. lf purchased by itself you will be refunded minus the fees incured.

Springfield swivel clip

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