Please NOTE that we don,t sell these torches on their own. They are offered in conjunction with our multitool leather pouches. Any purchases made without the purchase of a pouch will be refunded minus admin and paypal fees = 5% 

Rechargeable Flashlight with Impressive light output in a 42 gram design

Brand new to the P-Series range, the P3R becomes the smallest rechargeable flashlight in the P-Series range. This lightweight and compact powerhouse boast an impressive 140 lumens output in a 42 gram design. Feature include the Advanced Focus System and speed focus.


  • Economical and ecological - Rechargeable
  • Performance-optimised - Up to 140 lumen of luminous flux with up to 100 meters beam distance
  • Long operating time - Up to 6 hours in the lowest setting
  • From the homogeneous circle of close range lighting (defocused) to a sharply bundled long distance beam (focused) - The patented Advanced Focus System with reflector lens enables
  • Quick modification of the light cone with one hand - Rapid Focus


  • 1 set of rechargeable batteries
  • Charging base
  • Hand Strap


Length: 106mm

Weight: 42g

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Advanced Focus SystemTraditional torch focusing systems consist of wither a lens or a reflector. Lens-based systems have the advantage of emitting a homogenouslight pattern for focused use, but over long distances almost 70% of the light is scattered and lost. Reflector systems perform well at long distances, but create rings and holes unsuitable for close-up use. Whether a torch is a lens system or a reflector system, luminosity claims lose validity because light output is inevitably misdirected and wasted depending on the application.That's why LED LENSER created the Advanced Focus System. It combines the strengths of both lens and reflector into a single combined system. The result is a clear homogeneous light for close-up use, and a focused, penetrating beam for long-distance use.

Led lenser P3R rechargeable flashlight