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Our newest design  features a pocket for your papers , a pocket for your 50g pouch tobacco and an inside pocket for your filters, lighter or anything else you may need to carry. lt also has a zipped pocket on the reverse side of the pouch.

The pouch measures 16.5cm x 8.5cm

Made from Australian veg tanned kangaroo hides that are second to none. This is because of its unique fibre structure. This leather will develop a beautiful patina over the years and will become a much treasured accessory especially if you use the specially formulated leather cream privide with your puchase. 

There are 5 fabulous colurs to chose from





Rosy Red

You can also selectthe colour of the hardware for the zipper and press studs

Personalised embossing can also be added

A Gift box can be included with sample leathercream and sponge applicator $5


Kangaroo leather tobacco pouch

  • Kangaroo leather is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than goat or cow hide. It’s usually thinner too, given you can make tough-as-nails kangaroo boots with skin that’s barely a millimeter thick. (Cowhide boots are usually 1.4 to 2 millimeters.) Unsurprisingly, this means that they make a much lighter final product: kangaroo leather boots usually weigh half as much as comparable cow-leather ones.

    All that’s because the skin of the animals themselves are very different. The collagen fibers that make up kangaroo hide are fine, concentrated, highly uniform, and parallel to the surface of the skin, unlike cow skin’s irregular, bundled structure. Kangaroo hide also has very low fat content and a thin grain layer, without sweat glands and erector pili muscles, which means it doesn’t require the splitting and shaving that some other leathers require (hence the resulting thin, supple, strong leather). Plus, elastin is evenly distributed throughout the skin, which means it’s uniformly stretchy. All of these factors give kangaroo leather a ton of tensile strength .

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