Our custom made phone pouches are so stylish you can use them for work and play. Made from  2mm pure aniline top grain leather called Jungle -espresso. This leather exhibits the natural surface of the hide and will show scars and different colour tones throughout the skin. lt ages beautifully and will soften and darken over time. The 8ply waxed saddlers thread guarantees that it will never fall apart.

To ensure you get the right size a fit for your phone please make sure you provide the precise details. The card pocket will fit a maximum of 6 cards.

A jar of our specially formulated leather cream is also included  so please take care of your pouch and it will last a lifetime. lt has been hand stitched with waxed saddlers thread so there is no chance of it falling apart like  many machine sewn products.

EDC Phone case


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