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The Personalised black moto High Roller Leather Tobacco Pouch is the perfect accessory for any tobacco enthusiast. Handmade from  leather that is used to make motor cycle vests this leather is both supple and durable for maximum comfort and protection. lt makes a wonder tobacco pouch which l first used 30 years ago . My first tobacco pouch was made from this leather and that pouch still exists today. l have given up the smokes but my pouch had aged so beautifully and was too good to just disguard so it now lives in Germany with a very dear friend from yesteryear. 

The pouch holds up to 50 grams of tobacco and includes three pockets for filters, rolling papers, and a lighter. This pouch includes our signature lighter pocket on the back of the pouch. You may get it Personalised with up to three words (12 letters )max of embossing for a unique touch.

Add a gift box with a sample leather cream and sponge for the ultimate tobacco lover's gift. . With its metal YKK zipper and measurements of 16.5cm x 9cm, it has ample room for your tobacco and your smoking accessories.

Black MOTO tobacco pouch High Roller

Colour Stitching
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