As the name suggests the Aloria is filled with inspiring and sophisticated qualities that can be customised to suit your everyday needs. Available in  mahogany and ebony this classic design has 3 add on features which you can select from the drop down menu. Each bag has been hand sewn with waxed saddlers thread which is why we can offer a lifetime guarantee with all our bags. All high stress points have been re-enforced with leather and studs. Each basic design will include the 2 inside clips for your keys.

Pricing : basic tote  $250

          front pocket  $25

             top zipper  $30

        inside pocket  $45

Because each bag is custom made there is a 2 week production time. lf you require a bag before that time please contact me as we sometimes have a couple in stock. 

Also included in the price is 50g jar of our leather cream so you can take proper care of your fabulous new tote.



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